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Visit le Marais and learn french with its ambassador.

A longtime resident of Paris, Pascal Fonquernie, walks us through his historic neighborhood, Le Marais, sharing its unique history and shining a light on the different communities who live there.  ...

Tuesday 10 January 2023 - Boutiques
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Le Marais : A living Masterpiece by Marianne Ström.

Marianne Ström is a well renowned art historian and photographer. She presented her doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne University on the subject of Public Art, Integration of the Plastic Arts in the Architectural, ...

Wednesday 21 December 2022 - Boutiques
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Lions Club Christmas Market in Le Marais

A welcome by Father Christmas himself, nearly 60 creative craftsmen from France, gift ideas as varied as they are original for young and old – arts and crafts, wooden toys, jewellery, clothing for adults and children, ...

Thursday 01 December 2022 - Dernière minute
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Flea Market rue de Bretagne: The event not to miss.

Life is back to almost normal in central Paris. This weekend,  25, 26, 27 november 2022, just down the road from our office, all along rue de Bretagne and around the Square...

Friday 02 July 2021 - Dernière minute
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19 May : Return to Happiness in le Marais.

Just like every other day for the past 40 years that I have lived in Le Marais, I hopped on my bike on Saturday afternoon, and took a leisurely ride around ...

Wednesday 19 May 2021 - Dernière minute
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Paris Forever, le Marais more than ever.

Dear friends, subscribers and lovers of Le Marais, This year, our seasonal celebrations will take place with a rather different hue, with limitations and restrictions imposed upon revellers the world over. ...

Thursday 17 December 2020 - Dernière minute
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PARIS BY NIGHT... Between 5 and 8 pm only !

PARIS BY NIGHT... le Marais by night... But only until 8 pm. From today and for one month you ll have to be back home at 8 pm ...

Tuesday 15 December 2020 - Galeries & Musées
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Death of a Hair Salon in Paris

On April 15, 2019, the world was moved by the (fortunately, only partial) destruction of a Monument that is an essential figure of the Parisian landscape and heritage; its wooden frame, the roof and the spire went up in smoke in just a few hours, creating an emotional response that was as strong as the flames themselves....

Wednesday 15 July 2020 - Boutiques
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Save the date for the finest moments of classical music

We are delighted to introduce our readers to one of the finest moments of classical music in Le Marais. Recently founded by two major local associations Vivre le Marais and Culture & Patrimoine, the event «Moments lyriques du Marais » presents its fourth event in the beautiful baroque church Notre Dame des Blancs Manteaux on Wednesday 30th october 2019....

Tuesday 22 October 2019 - Evènements
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Exhibition of the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower

Beginning on September 28, the Eiffel Tower will offer a unique exhibition on its esplanade, retracing the saga of its construction. An exhibition that’s free and open to everyone!...

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Dernière minute
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European Heritage Days in Paris

For 35 years, European Heritage Days have been inviting visitors to discover areas of iconic cultural sites and entire places in Paris that are not usually open to the public. An outstanding programme makes this weekend a highlight of the post-summer holiday period....

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Dernière minute
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Charity Gala in aid of The Robert Grace Trust

The premiere of the award winning film TOMORROW – Executive Producer Martin Scorsese
British Museum Wednesday 25th September 7.00. (Doors open 6.20)...

Tuesday 03 September 2019 - Evènements
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Discover 10 great places to eat out and enjoy Paris in Summer

New hotels, new restaurants, new bars, new places to shop and enjoy the historic and former royal district of Paris. Here are our "coup de cœur" for this month.

More beautiful and more attractive than ever, Le Marais will never stop surprising you.

Happy birthday to The Moulin Rouge!

Since it opened all those years ago on October 6, 1889, the Moulin Rouge has been – and always will be – Paris’s ultimate theatrical night out, its fame and prestige knowing no bounds! The Moulin Rouge boasts an international reputation, an extravagant and exciting history, and topnotch shows that are beyond compare – all of which have made it the world’s most celebrated cabaret....

Thursday 25 July 2019 - Evènements
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Notre Dame de Paris, the great fire

On April 15, 2019 at 18:50, the world learned with horror that the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire. For Parisians, it was an unprecedented drama as well as a visual, emotional and psychological shock....

Wednesday 24 April 2019 - Evènements
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Helena Rubinstein, the Adventure of Beauty

For the first time in France, from Wednesday 20 March 2019 until Sunday 25 August 2019, the mahJ is devoting an exhibition to Helena Rubinstein (1872-1965)....

Tuesday 19 March 2019 - Galeries & Musées
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Great succes for Paramour le bal

The first Charity event dedicated to fund raising for aids research at Paris city hall grand ballroom, 1700 happy-fews attended this major event to bring hundreds of thousands euros to LINK - Fonds de Dotation Please bookmark your agenda for next year event 14 feb. 2020

In the Name of Love

For the first time ever, inspired by the fabulous annual Life Ball in Vienna, Paris now has its own glamorous Valentine charity ball, held in the town hall in the centre of the city....

Tuesday 12 February 2019 - Evènements
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What to do in Paris in January

Paris hosts Fashion Week in January, with lots of fabulous events for style aficionados to enjoy. The city is a great shopping destination at any time of year, January in particular because it marks the start of the winter sales. Get ready to shop until you drop!...

Monday 14 January 2019 - Evènements
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Paris Running Tours with le Pavillon de la Reine

Whether visiting Paris for business or pleasure, grab your running shoes and prepare for a sightseeing experience like no other. In line with the growing industry trend for health and fitness programs, Le Pavillon de la Reine is launching a new partnership with Paris Running Tours....

Monday 16 July 2018 - Evènements
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Marais VIP Cabriolet & Champagne Nightdrive

Guided visits by the PARISMARAIS.COM press team, intended for journalists specializing in tourism, and culture. Discover the Marais by night, in a convertible with the wind in your hair, guided by an expert, bilingual, team of a private driver and a private guide....

Monday 16 July 2018 - Evènements
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Le Marais firemen ball on Bastille day

Every year, the Bastille Day celebrations take place in most of the Fire Stations in Paris. True to form this year again, they will be held on 13 & 14 July, at the beautiful Hotel de Chavigny, built by François Mansart who was the architect of the Palace of Versailles....

Monday 09 July 2018 - Evènements
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10th Gay Games in Paris from 4 to 12 August 2018

Since 1982, the Gay Games have brought together people from all walks of life, without discrimination, around the values of diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing....

Monday 09 July 2018 - Evènements
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"Comme des Français" a new touristic network for you to meet the best experts and city guides

"COMME DES FRANCAIS" a new tourist network for you to find the best experts and city guides in France with exceptional knowledge of their district or region. ...

Monday 04 June 2018 - Evènements
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Introducing les moments lyriques du Marais !

L’Art Lyrique arrives on rue Charlot on Thursday 16 November at 8pm in the Cathedrale Sainte Croix des Arméniens. Pauline Feracci (soprano) and Magali Albertini (pianist and lead singer), winners of this year’s Canari International Lyrical Song Festival in Corsica will charm us with their flawless performances that won them the much-coveted prizes....

Monday 16 October 2017 - Evènements
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Fabulous event in a fantastic place : Le 153 ! We had the pleasure to welcome many of the vip's who make the soul of Le Marais and keep it alive. The Party was called "Principauté du Marais" and we elected our Queen for this season ...

Monday 02 October 2017 - Evènements
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SAVE THE DATE ... October first 2017

Join us and celebrate PARISMARAIS.COM 12th birthday at 153 rue Saint Martin - 75003 Paris to attend this memorable event Principauté du Marais. Professionals of the touristic industry, friends of PARISMARAIS.COM, tour guides, hotels, bars, shops, and restaurant owners, you are welcome to network with us!

To receive a nominative invitation, write us on this page :

The Night of the Ad Eaters

In just 3 months, be prepared for the very best night dedicated to creative advertising in Paris' most beautiful theatre......

Thursday 03 August 2017 - Evènements
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Paris Firemen ball in le Marais on Bastille Day!

Every year the Bastille Day celebrations take place in most of the Fire Stations in Paris. They will be held on 13 & 14 July, at the beautiful Hotel de Chavigny, built by François Mansart who was the architect of the Palace of Versailles. The Sevigné Fire Station was the first to be founded by Napoleon in 1814. Newly promoted Captain Sébastien and his team will welcome you like friends.


Friday 14 July 2017 - Evènements
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27th June : second anniversary of le 153

Join the Team, be outrageous, glamourous, sexy and fabulous. Be there or be nowhere ! The best party in Le Marais with fab cocktails, massages, surprises, beautiful and smart people. All friends and clients are welcome to join !

Flea Market rue de Bretagne

This weekend, all along rue de Bretagne 75003 and around the Square du Temple, you can enjoy Paris' biggest "brocante". The Flea Market on rue de Bretagne is a great place to find vintage clothing and everything quaint and quirky to furnish your home.
There is still time, until Sunday 6 pm to discover that unique souvenir that you' ll love to take back home with you ! The Rue de Bretagne brocante happens twice a year in May and November, it has been going since 1996, and it's an event not to miss in le haut Marais. The next one will be held mid-November, we will keep you posted. Here's our first discoveries today! Check also last year edition


A new budget hotel join PARISMARAIS hotel network

Because everybody should be able to enjoy Le Marais, we open now our web site to smart and reasonably priced hotels with double rooms from 75 euros, so young travelers can enjoy Paris' favorite district too ! Just next to Metro Saint Paul, overlooking the charming Place du Marché Sainte Catherine. Hotel PRATIC is a 2 star category but can be considered as a three stars with its brand new decoration and fabulous location.

Programme Le Marais, un trésor à Paris, on France 5

Tonight, SUNDAY 12at 21.45 do not miss on France 5 television the film I contributed to a year ago, with filmmaker Laurent Lefebvre, Jean Marc Léri, ex-curator of Carnavalet Museum, Jack Lang and many other experts, including myself as the touristic expert of Le Marais! I've spend 4 days for this film and I must say that a lot of scenes were cut off, but I present the best and longest part : the final. If you share my opinions, please like this post and share it. It's still time to say stop to the globalisation that kills the soul of Le Marais. We need and love diversity ! Here' s the film on Vimeo.

Support also all local businesses by visiting my website:, the leading travel guide to le Marais since 2005.


Paul Smith celebrated the first anniversary of his boutique in Le Marais

Designer Paul Smith celebrated the first anniversary of his boutique in Le Marais in January this year. I bought my first Paul Smith shirt in is Covent Garden boutique 25 years ago, and we met for the first time at the opening of the boutique in Le Marais in January 2016. Our favourite British designer is such a nice guy, so warm and approachable. However, this place is not just a clothes shop, but a whole range of stylish urban objets that enhance the daily art of living....

Monday 06 March 2017 - Boutiques
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Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year 2017

PARISMARAIS.COM the most visited media in the world about Le Marais wishing you a wonderful and happy new year 2017 !

The 36th Night of the Ad Eaters

Enjoy the very Best of Advertising in the very Best of Atmospheres!

The Night of the AdEaters is an ALL NIGHT screening party of amazing, intriguing, shocking, and funny commercials, representing the creativity, passion and trends in the world of advertising. In 35 years, The Night of the AdEaters has become the indispensable meeting place for lovers of advertising on all five continents. The event is dedicated to highlighting the best advertising from over 60 different countries on the big screen in a festive atmosphere....

Monday 12 September 2016 - Evènements
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Expatriates Magazine celebrates Paris !

Discover september issue in 50 hotels and anglophone bars and restaurants in Le Marais.

The readers' choice is for sure the best recommandation you can get.

To distribute Expatriates Magazine, contact us at PARISMARAIS.COM

Exhibition "Paris vu des Cafés"

Jean-François LEGARET - Townhall of 1st arrondissement Paris and the members of Counselors of arrondissement present the exhibition of

Yukié Matsushita

"One of my favorite things to do in Paris is sitting at a café, and watching people and world go by as I draw."

from the 21st to 25th of June 2016

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday from 11 am to 7:30 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm

at Beffroi de la Mairie
4, Place du Louvre - 75001 Paris

For more informations go to the web site :

Show CHIC & WILD !

Sacha NOBLET is pleased to invite you to an event April 7, 2016


From 23:30 to the Hotel Matignon
3 avenue Matignon , 75008 Paris

Dress code : CHIC
Attitude : WILD
Mood : lets have FUN !

Lev Kallos, creator of unique perfumes

We proudly present Lev Kallos who is a personal perfumer and scent creator. Here is the press release :

"Our bespoke personal perfumes are created to the customer’s taste during one-to-one appointments which always take place where the customer prefers.[...] The goal is to make our customers feel comfortable, relaxed and engaged in a journey through the world’s most amazing and spectacular scents.

Each perfume is unique! All the formulas are kept secret. No one else is ever going to have the same perfume as you.

Lev Kallos Ltd is a vibrant and creative perfume company led by it’s Nose – Lev Kallos. Our company’s aim is customer satisfaction. To achieve this we use our experience and knowledge gained in one of the most famous French perfume houses in Grasse.

We are known for our creative approach, unique formulas and the high quality ingredients we use. Our personal perfumes are strong and long lasting."

Creations start at 200 £ or 250 €, let's have a look on the website :

Angels in Architecture : The Marais Tour

Why are there so many angels illustrated in Parisian architecture, from the Middle Ages through to the 20th century?  From a medieval auberge, where intricately carved musician angels play at the entrance, to cherubs atop a luxurious 18th century mansion built for a princess, to elegant Baroque spirits adorning a great architect’s townhouse, they infuse the neighborhood with grace, beauty and whimsy.  We’ll view the grandest angel in Paris, spanning a Haussmannian ‘palais collectif’, discover Belle Epoque angels bearing blasons, and learn the characteristics of artistic currents influencing French architects and ornamentalist sculptors. Trends transported from their studies in Italy were imbued with a personal  flair.  During our walk we’ll discover a 17th century residence re-designed in neoclassical style by visionary architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux. En route, we’ll stroll through some of the prettiest gardens in Paris, newly-restored, and take a minute to view one of the oldest covered markets in France.  

Date and time: March 16th at 2:30PM
Duration of tour:  approximately 2.5 hours
Meeting place: Metro Rambuteau, at the café La Station Rambuteau
Participants: maximum 15
Price: 15€

Please contact Rosemary Flannery to register:
Telephone: 06 81 29 56 62

Rosemary Flannery is author and photographer of Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour of the History of Paris, published by The Little Bookroom NYC, and in French as Les Anges de Paris: Un voyage architectural au coeur de Paris, Editions Exergue

Expatriated talents meet on Feb 27th . Enjoy the contest

Meet the Expat talent contestants! We have Magic, Dancing, Singing, Acting…. On Saturday 27th February the international community will come together for a fun and family friendly evening of amateur talent. 3 judges will provide their feedback throughout the evening, the audience will cast the 4th vote. Lots of prizes will be given to both audience members and performers. 14 talents are confirmed, there is one space remaining for our “Non singing/dancing category”, you may have a chance of performing if you register on the day. Everyone is invited to watch, Adults and Kids. More information is available on :




Discover the new book by Marianne Ström. We were tonight invited by our friend Marianne Ström, THE Marais photographer for the official launching of her last book in the beautiful decor of the Hotel de Soubise.

We are very honored to know Marianne for over 10 years and share the same passion for Paris' former royal district. Her new book "LE MARAIS, a living Masterpiece" is available at the Carnavalet Museum Bookshop and at The Hotel de Sully bookshop, headquarter of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

Texts are in English and French. Price is 35 € only. It is definitely the best treasure you could bring back home with you for all your friends. Check our last newsletter :

Happy Valentine's in Le Marais

Paris is the capital city of love, and The Marais, located in the deep heart of the city is the righest place for lovers.

Let's enjoy Valentine's in restaurants, bars, clubs, gastronomy shops and museums. Not forgetting the cosy Marais hotels selected by

Happy Valentine's to all of you ! Book the best romantic hotels for valentine week check our selection in parismarais newsletter.


Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

Gastronomic shops




Marais Christmas !

Just before Christmas, we took our bikes for a quick ride around the narrow streets of le Marais at midnight. Magic was everywhere! Our beloved village is even more beautiful now with the bright colour contrasts and Christmas lights of the season.

Enjoy these few snaps and click on the links below to discover more fantastic addresses to enjoy over the next few weeks in Paris' favourite district.

Marais Christmas !

Joyeux Noel !

More pictures on the last newsletter issue : Christmas

Suscribe to the newsletter for regular information on Le Marais

THE NEW 2016 MARAIS MAP BY PARISMARAIS.COM available on Jan 10th

THE NEW 2016 MARAIS MAP BY PARISMARAIS.COM will be available soon on print everywhere in Le Marais and also in 500 selected Hotels all over Paris, as well as in many VIP places worldwide. It will be the most precious tool for you to discover Paris' favorite district....

Tuesday 22 December 2015 - Evènements
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3rd district Paris city hall wearing colors of France

After these terrible terrorist attacks of Nov 13th, the Eiffel Tower as many monuments all around the World has been enlighted into blue, white and red;  colors of the french national flag.

The 3rd district (North Marais) city hall is also enlighted with the same colours. This city hall is located only few steps from the Republic Square, another symbol of the Revolution and people's resistance . It was built on the place where Louis the 16th and queen Marie-Antoinette where jailed. This part of Le Marais offers a rememberance of french history at every crossroard.  

Thank you from Paris

The Paris Tourist Office realized this short movie after the november 13th terrorist attack. The popular way to say thank you to all Paris lovers all around the World

Video "Thank you from Paris"

Marche des Enfants Rouges . Paris oldest market celebrates its anniversary

The oldest covered market in Paris is in the Haut Marais (3rd district) and can be found where the rue de Bretagne meets the rue Charlot, taking its name from the former hospice des Enfant-Rouges, which closed its doors in 1777. The hospice, established for the orphans of the area by Marguerite de Navarre was so called as the children's uniforms were red. The efforts of nearby residents and the input from local council team of the 3rd district saved this lovely market from demolition some 20 years ago. Today, with its emblematic history, it has gained cult status in Paris and is seen as an idea spot for socialising. For a more intimate encounter with the market, watch the film made by Laurent Lefèbvre : "le Marais, un trésor à Paris" as part of it was filmed in the market itself. More pictures on PARISMARAIS newsletter


This week, we bring you news of the most beautiful film ever made about le Marais, and in which we were truly honoured to have taken part.  Directed by Laurent Lefèbvre for Elephant Productions, it was shown at prime time on France 5, the cultural channel of France Télévisions. We were very fortunate to have worked on this wonderful documentary, which was made by people who are passionate about the district, and the film reflected the true issues of the people who live there such as the loss of the identity of their neighbourhood....

Tuesday 22 September 2015 - Evènements
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PARISMARAIS Newsletter Sep9th issue on line

PARISMARAIS.COM newsletter is now available through this link

TONIGHT 9 pm PARIS FIREMEN BALL 7 rue de Sevigné
The traditional "Bal des Pompiers" that takes place every year on Bastille Day in the Marais will be happening on July 13th and 14th.

Two nights of excitement, fun, dancing, drinking, meeting new people... Paris' oldest fire station, converted into the biggest Parisian dancefloor...

Monday 13 July 2015 - Evènements
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Celebrating Bastille Day with Firemen in Le Marais

We are honoured to be sharing with you the work of Parisian photographer Anne Barot who joined us here at PARISMARAIS.COM for an exceptional event that took place in the magnificent gardens of The Hotel de Soubise, Headquarters of The French National Archives....

Friday 03 July 2015 - Evènements
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Mon Beau Paris : the most inventive team of guided tours!

Last Saturday I participated in "Le Marais Street Art Polaroid Tour" with Alexis. 
We started at Place de Stravinsky by the Centre Georges Pompidou and walked around in Le Marais. Alexis pointed out many street arts which I was not aware of...

Thursday 23 April 2015 - Evènements
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