Did you discover any nice new restaurants? Have you been disappointed by any? Did you get a special welcome at any of the businesses we recommend… or the contrary? Should you have anything to recommend in le Marais or any business or location to complain about, please write us.
This guide is for you. As a visitor, you don’t have time to waste with unfriendly or arrogant shopkeepers, or restaurant waiters who don’t provide great service. We are highly selective and want to recommend only the best there is in le Marais! We want you to be satisfied and take more than memories and souvenirs back home. We hope you’ll leave with an exceptional experience and a vision of the Parisian art of living. So please, report the good and the bad to us.
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The few hotels we recommend are the best you can find. Medieval, classical or baroque or even contemporary, they offer you high standards of service, charming décor and ambience, and great locations in the middle of everything. Please send us your comments. We’ll transmit them to the hotel managers so that they can continue to improve their service, décor and hospitality.


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