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Shopping in Francs in the Marais. Flashback in 2002.

February 18, 2002: Last day of the Franc. Let's take the opportunity to pay our purchases in Francs. In New French Francs, the one from 1960. The New Franc which was equivalent to 100 old Francs, now cents of New Francs. Knowing the Francs remains essential ...

Thursday 30 March 2023 - Boutiques
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Everyone is hunting in the Rue de Bretagne!

The flea market of the rue de Bretagne has become for more than 20 years an institution around the City Hall of Paris Centre. Every year in May and in November during a big three-day weekend, this flea market is more and more popular. ...

Thursday 30 March 2023 - Evènements
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Flea Market rue de Bretagne: The event not to miss.

Life is back to almost normal in central Paris. This weekend,  25, 26, 27 november 2022, just down the road from our office, all along rue de Bretagne and around the Square...

Friday 02 July 2021 - Dernière minute
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PARIS BY NIGHT... Between 5 and 8 pm only !

PARIS BY NIGHT... le Marais by night... But only until 8 pm. From today and for one month you ll have to be back home at 8 pm ...

Tuesday 15 December 2020 - Galeries & Musées
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The 14th edition of PARIS' MARAIS MAP is available !

We are happy to share with our readers the launching of the 14th edition of the MARAIS MAP. This new edition, mostly dedicated to gastronomy and culture, is now online, downloadable and printable as a PDF from our site via this link....

Tuesday 22 October 2019 - Dernière minute
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Exhibition of the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower

Beginning on September 28, the Eiffel Tower will offer a unique exhibition on its esplanade, retracing the saga of its construction. An exhibition that’s free and open to everyone!...

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Dernière minute
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European Heritage Days in Paris

For 35 years, European Heritage Days have been inviting visitors to discover areas of iconic cultural sites and entire places in Paris that are not usually open to the public. An outstanding programme makes this weekend a highlight of the post-summer holiday period....

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Dernière minute
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Helena Rubinstein, the Adventure of Beauty

For the first time in France, from Wednesday 20 March 2019 until Sunday 25 August 2019, the mahJ is devoting an exhibition to Helena Rubinstein (1872-1965)....

Tuesday 19 March 2019 - Galeries & Musées
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Marianne Ström, three masterpieces on the Marais

The enchanting Parisian quarter Le Marais was first civilised and cultivated by the religious orders. Le Marais then became the favoured haunt of the royal family and its court. But fashion changed and Le Marais was abandoned by the aristocracy and the court. Thereafter the quarter was invaded by artisans and small industry. Today Le Marais is much in vogue with young fashion creators and many trendy bars. The Marais has fully rediscovered its splendid architecture after some 40 years of preservation and renovation....

Monday 14 January 2019 - Galeries & Musées
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The Marais map printed or online : simply the best you can find

PARISMARAIS.COM has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, as the domain name was created at the end of 1998! At first it was just a small blog written by empassioned residents of the former royal district and had only a few short posts, and listings of hotels and restaurants… Time after time, with the help of many local, foreign, talented contributors, we ended up creating several touristic tools to help you enjoy Le Marais district with the help of our insider point of view, the most famous of them all being our Marais Map....

Monday 14 January 2019 - Voyages
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November News of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

CONCERT SET zellig, Wednesday, November 7, 2018, At 7:30 p.m.

Echoing the exhibition Country Life , the Zellig Ensemble offers a concert around Sports and Entertainment Erik Satie. Transcribed for four instruments, this musical and literary result humorously leisure time scenes of the Belle Epoque: hunting, fishing, yachting, tennis, horse racing, etc....

Friday 02 November 2018 - Galeries & Musées
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Vintage Car Museum : Enjoy the Magic !

The international world car show in Paris has just closed its doors. You’ll soon discover the new models everywhere in the media. As a patrimonial web site involved in culture, traditions and historic discoveries in Paris but also everywhere in Europe we thought it woud be interesting for us to show you vintage french and european cars....

Tuesday 16 October 2018 - Galeries & Musées
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Exhibition "Paris vu des Cafés"

Jean-François LEGARET - Townhall of 1st arrondissement Paris and the members of Counselors of arrondissement present the exhibition of

Yukié Matsushita

"One of my favorite things to do in Paris is sitting at a café, and watching people and world go by as I draw."

from the 21st to 25th of June 2016

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday from 11 am to 7:30 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm

at Beffroi de la Mairie
4, Place du Louvre - 75001 Paris

For more informations go to the web site :

PARISMARAIS newsletter is out

Discover the photographic work of Anne Barot, resident of the Marais who lived here for...

Monday 15 June 2015 - Galeries & Musées
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The Charm of Products

“The Charm of Products”

A photographic exposition organized by the writer and advertiser Michele Citro and the still-life photographer Mattia Valerio at Culture & Art Gallery La Cachette (10, rue Mandar – Paris) from 19th to 29th June 2015.

The event aims to value the craftsmanship hidden behind some kind of products (jewels, sculptures, industrial items, etc.), most of them made in Campania,  a Southern Italian Region, through a set of photos able to highlight...

Friday 12 June 2015 - Galeries & Musées
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