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We invite you to discover our team of creative minds from various backgrounds, but without exception a fond expertise on the Marais.

Pascal Fonquernie

Pascal was a successful copywriter and creative director for several top advertising agencies in France, specialising in creating campaigns for the luxury and touristic industries. Clients included Peugeot, Mercedes, American Express, Air France, British Airways, and Club Med. His writing, marketing and promotional skills were a useful asset to start his business. The idea for PARISMARAIS.COM site was theoretically born in 2000, with the desire to become a reference for tourism promotion regarding the historical center of Paris. He has assembled a team of enthusiasts who, like him, roam the streets of the 3rd and 4th districts to test, then select, the best places of the Marais, such as boutique hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and galleries to represent the art of living in the Marais. Pascal is creating real interconnections, linking journalists, advertisers, web developers, and general businesses between the Anglo-Saxon world and the City of Light. In addition to the very picturesque appearance of the buildings, artistic activity, including contemporary art galleries and the Haut Marais village side, reinforce the attraction. With more than 1,000,000 visitors per year, PARISMARAIS.COM has quite happily found a clientele of international visitors, mostly English-speaking, including 250,000 anglophones and expatriates living in Paris and the Paris region. Pascal Fonquernie is a correspondent for the Paris tourism office, many travel guides, and several European newspapers. The site has been also recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, BFM TV and many french and international medias for its excellence.

Nicolai Zielcke

Nicolai was born in Hamburg, Germany, and came to Paris at the age of twenty to stay abroad initially for half a year; now it has been almost twenty years after falling in love with the City of Ligths. He studied Art & international trade and worked passionnately as a tour guide for Paris and its surroundings while being at the Sorbonne. Today he is sales agent for a rug designer and also makes the German translations and adaptions for

Yukie Matsushita

Yukié was born in Japan and grew up in the United States. When she was a student in New York, she came to Paris for the first time and fell in love with the city. After graduating from school, she moved to NYC and worked as a graphic designer until she moved to Paris in 1994. Today she participated in local art exhibitions as well as working as an art director for, and express her passion for Paris.

Arnaud Sellier

Trained as a lawyer in major international law firms and developing his expertise with Christie’s Auction House, mostly in the Design and 2Oth century department, Arnaud Sellier advised private collectors and major museums in France for various acquisitions of national treasures with the French ministry of culture and communication over the past few years. Arnaud resides in Paris, in the north Marais, epicenter of the galleries of contemporary art and develops activities in the cultural and touristic media/website industry. He continues to travel extensively to major art fairs and is involved as a media partner to cultural events. He decided to bring his professional expertise to, the ultimate boutique-communication agency dedicated to Le Marais, one of his favorite neighbourhood in Paris for its dynamism and creativity and proposed also tailored made art tour in this area.

Michelle Gross

Born in New York City, Michelle has studied a plethora of subjects, including Fine Arts and Linguistics, and wears many proverbial hats. She has worked in both Italy and France, following a path which has produced an eclectic background in various domains including translation, transcription, editing, teaching, writing, assistance to various artists, tourism including hotels, real estate on both sides of the Atlantic, and boats. She speaks fluent English, French, and Italian.  Michele does PR and editing in sevral langages for

Michele Citro

Translator of Italian version of website and administrator for the Italian facebook page. Two diplomas: the first one in Philosophy of Politics and Communication; the second one in Marketing and Communication. He is an expert of International Public Relations. He worked as assistant of Council for Communication at Italian Embassy in Paris, as Copywriter and Account for Young&Rubicam advertising agency and as Creative Director for the communication agency Studio8adv. Actually two books of his about political philosophy will be published in Italy.

Olga Semko

Olga is in charge of the Russian version of She is also a very personal tour guide. She thinks tourist guides tell more or less the same stories… But she wants to be more than a guide. Emotions and feeling are part of the Slavic soul, she wants to share her passion for Paris with you. More than a story teller she’s a kind of emotional coach and will show you the Paris other guides would not even know. Olga loves listening to peoples’ stories as well as telling her stories about the Marais! The most precious moments  for her is when she meets people, and shares with them the things she cares for.

Alice Gerow

Alice grew up with a multilingual background, having one French and American parent and grown up in France, the United States, and Spain. She is currently a student in Philadelphia and joined the team this summer as a marketing assistant, writer, and translator. While undecided about her future profession, Alice is interested in journalism and travel and plans to continue living around the globe and practicing her lingustic capacities.