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L'inaperçu : Creative cuisine and photographic bookstore.

L'inaperçu : Creative cuisine and photographic bookstore.

L'INAPERÇU, the new address dedicated to photography, art books and inventive cuisine becomes the new Arty corner of the northern Marais. The place created by Christine Ye proudly claims the involvement and cultural influence of the Chinese community in the gallery district, between the Centre Pompidou and the Arts-et-Métiers. A place that deserves to be seen and recognized.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, the Salon de thé - café - restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and offers a creative menu with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables and fruits. The names of the dishes are of a minimalist poetic simplicity: Cabbage, Pumpkin, Carrot and Parsnip... The vegetable which usually plays the second role becomes here the star ingredient of the plate. Proteins, meats or fish are cooked as accompaniments with a lot of imagination. The destructured and surprising desserts are in the same line.

The Tearoom is open all day, offering a menu of precious Chinese teas served with an elegant and refined ritual. A selection of magazines and photo magazines is available. On the walls, iconic vintage exhibits and advertisements dedicated to Leica, Kodak and other iconic brands. The red-lit "darkroom in use" restroom is reminiscent of a silver photo processing lab from the heyday of film. A small creative nod to this place, among other beautiful surprises.

On the gallery side, L'INAPERÇU offers a thematic selection of rare books by artists established by guest curators, with a section dedicated to rare and out-of-print books. Every quarter, the bookstore gives carte blanche to a personality from the world of art or publishing to propose a selection of books that inspire him/her. Putting sharing and encounters at the center of its project, L'INAPERÇU also welcomes independent publishers and emerging or established artists for installations, book launches and signing sessions.

L'INAPERCU : Restaurant / Bookshop 65 rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris / website :

The day of the inauguartion with Christine Ye and Clément Beaune

The Chinese Tea Ritual at L'inaperçu.