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19 May : Return to Happiness in le Marais.

Just like every other day for the past 40 years that I have lived in Le Marais, I hopped on my bike on Saturday afternoon, and took a leisurely ride around ...

Wednesday 19 May 2021 - Dernière minute
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A walk in Paris...

« Serge Loyauté-Peduzzi is a keen photographer and has been practicing this profession for several years. He is also a lover of his city, as the "real" Parisian that he is, and he likes to get lost in the various districts of the capital during his wanderings. An atmosphere, a light, an atypical situation are all sources of inspiration and wishes to take pictures. He completed a year-round project on Paris, allowing him to see again, in the literal meaning of the words, its symbolic locations and sometimes also to reveal some unknown faces.

With his latest exhibition "A walk in Paris", currently visible at the Hotel de la Bretonnerie until October 18, he presents a certain vision of the capital, through timeless atmospheres and moments of life taken on the spot, that seem to respond each other and to form an endless conversation.

Attracted by light and instantaneous of the Parisian life, he enhances both daily life as colour schemes or graphic lines. Here are some pictures of his exhibition-sale of art photography (all photos are in limited edition, numbered and signed). Have a good wander through ! Find his pictures of Paris, and particularly of Le Marais, in Fine Art photographs or in a beautiful book ! »

A bientôt !


PARISMARAIS newsletter is out

Every week over 50,000 people receive PARISMARAIS' newsletter  worldwide, and several thousand journalists are subscribed to the Parismarais weekly newsletter…. This is how your neighbourhood news travels around the world, and those of you who have contributed over the past 10 years, you are its ambassadors. In these testing times, there are no words to express our grief, but our love of life is such that we will not give up, and we will come through the other side of whatever life throws at us. Here, in pictures, is the story of a Monday night like no other in the most beautiful part of the most beautiful city in the world. Now more than ever before, the terraces of the Parisian cafés are showing their resistance!

Refrench your vision of life in le Marais !

Once upon a time in Le Marais, the most beautiful quarter of the most beautiful city in the whole world, on the famous square of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, stood "the BHV MARAIS", one of the oldest department stores in Paris, originally known as the Bazaar of the Town Hall. Over time this iconic store had become the darling of Parisians, especially those passionate about interior design and creativity, so much so that they affectionately referred to it as le BHV, an acronym which still stands today....

Wednesday 31 July 2019 - blog
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Discover 10 great places to eat out and enjoy Paris in Summer

New hotels, new restaurants, new bars, new places to shop and enjoy the historic and former royal district of Paris. Here are our "coup de cœur" for this month.

More beautiful and more attractive than ever, Le Marais will never stop surprising you.


Everything about pet friendly hotels ! "No dog has ever stolen a towel" said one of our friend who run a luxury hotel... So welcome to well behaved pets in our selection of fabulous hotels !

Marais Christmas !

Just before Christmas, we took our bikes for a quick ride around the narrow streets of le Marais at midnight. Magic was everywhere! Our beloved village is even more beautiful now with the bright colour contrasts and Christmas lights of the season.

Enjoy these few snaps and click on the links below to discover more fantastic addresses to enjoy over the next few weeks in Paris' favourite district.

Marais Christmas !

Joyeux Noel !

More pictures on the last newsletter issue : Christmas

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Discover the great work of Philippe Escalier

Discover the great work of Philippe Escalier, Photographer and passionate about le Marais Architecture. He offers you the opportunity to have wonderful pictures of you in the best locations...

Le Marais Selected Guided Tours

Discover the top selected guides to explore le Marais district and other places in Paris'region ! Nothing compares to a private guide and passionate expert to help you discover the wonders of Le Marais, so in this issue we share with you our selection of the best experts and top Marais experiences, be it walking, driving, cycling, taking a boat trip or being driven around at night in a convertible.

Small is Beautifull !

Similar in size to Monaco, and spanning just 2 square kilometres, Le Marais has long been the most sought-after district of Paris. Straddling the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, this is where you will find imagination and non-conformism, where all communities coexist in harmony and in creativity, giving a luxurious and fascinating blend of life within a real, authentic village....

Monday 06 January 2020 - Dernière minute
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La Conciergerie innovates with a new tour

Discover the marvellous Royal Palace of La Conciergerie, not so well known and not to be missed, a brand new tour and many surprises are waiting for you