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There are dozens of hotels in the Marais, we have selected the best in the 3 star category. Among our selection criteria: the quality of the welcome, the conviviality and of course, the geographical location in the Marais district or in the immediate vicinity. All styles are present, from the 17th century private mansion to the contemporary design hotel with a refined style. All have a unique personality and are located within walking distance of museums, restaurants, galleries, stores and the main attractions of the Marais.


But where do the limits of the Marais stop?

Many unscrupulous hotel corporations use the word Marais to better reference their hotels. Don't be fooled: a hotel that has the word Marais or Paris Marais in its name or even ... du Marais and is not located in the 3rd or 4th arrondissement of Paris is trying to trick you about its true geographical location. In Paris, as in other metropolises, you can very quickly go from a fantastic neighborhood to an uninteresting one by walking only a few hundred meters. Trusting the residents of the Marais who created this guide is imperative, not only for the location, but also for other criteria.

We are a selective guide with an ethic: absolute comfort, quality of welcome for all, couples of all orientations or nationalities, respect for people of all ethnic origins are essential criteria which unfortunately are not applied by all hoteliers. Our selection of hotels guarantees you all these qualities. Give them preference and let them know where you are booking from.  By booking exclusively on this site you will benefit from the best rooms with the best offers.