Le Marais in 1960Le Marais in 1960

It is good to have several thousand photos of the historical part of Paris. It’s even better to share them with other people!

The Parimagine editions have created a collection, Mémoire des rues, to encourage Parisians and all those who love the City of Lights to know more about the various quarters and their atmosphere. You are invited to look at the city in a new light. The pictures will help you to know more about Paris’s cultural heritage.

The collection Mémoire des rues of the Parimagine editions presents texts on and photographs of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements at the beginning of the 20th century.

The 3rd arrondissement at the turn of the century :

When flicking through the book on the 3rd arrondissement you will have an imaginary stroll around the north side of Le Marais, the Grands Boulevards, the market of the Carreau du Temple, where you will see a lot of second-hand clothes dealers, and the market of the Enfants Rouges, the oldest market place in Paris. You’ll imagine yourself dancing to the accordion of the “bals musette” rue au Maire, rue des Vertus or in the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis area or coming across a big square, the place de la République, the cour de Rome, the church of Sainte-Elisabeth and the synagogue of the rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, the passage Molière and the passage of the Pont-aux-Biches, the beautiful mansions of the Marais, the oldest Parisian house, the stairs maker of the rue Montmorency, the hosiery shops of the rue Saint-Martin and the painting sellers of the boulevard “Sebasto”, the girls from the rue Quincampoix, the dressmakers of the rue du Temple; the coal sellers and the cafés of the rue Meslay: 250 photographs and as many surprises!

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The 4th arrondissement at the turn of the century :

With the book on the 4th arrondissement, you will travel from the secluded quarter of Notre-Dame to that of Saint-Merri or from the smart district of l’Arsenal to the working-class area of Saint-Gervais. You will go back a hundred years when flicking through this book. You will discover the private mansions of Le Marais, the maze of narrow streets that existed before the Centre George Pompidou was built, the nurses of the place des Vosges, the fruit and vegetable peddlers of the rue Saint-Antoine, the fishermen of the quai des Célestins, the bird market of the quai aux Fleurs, the astronaut of the place de la Bastille and the clothes sellers of the rue Simon-Le-Franc.
You will get a view of old cafés, such as Au Canon de la Bastille or the Bar du Roi de Sicile and of old cinemas, such as the Cinéma Saint-Paul or the Cinéphone Saint-Antoine. You will also discover the Jewish quarter, the Pletzl, and the rue des Rosiers with its beautiful shop signs and its inhabitants, who held endless conversations in Hebrew: 250 photographs and as many surprises!
To have a look at these wonderful books and order them online, visit the Parimagine editions website where you will also find other books on Paris and lots of printings of old post cards.


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