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Discover the ultimate travel guide dedicated to the Art of Living in the Marais, Paris’ historical center. PARISMARAIS.COM provides information and reservation services to selected luxury boutique hotels, guesthouses and guestrooms. It also lists delectable restaurants, captivating museums, seductive shopping discoveries, as well as informative videos and films., affiliated with the OTCP (Tourist Bureau of Paris), is the creation of a team of Franco - American journalists and advertising professionals. Passionate about their district, they want the world to discover its charms as well.

They constantly discern, choose and recommend the best hotels, guestrooms, gastronomic restaurants, shops, museums, and galleries. The team is multicultural, therefore they comprehend the subtlety necessary to successfully direct each specific visitor to the types of establishments essential for them to make the most of their stay. PARISMARAIS.COM’ s goal is to provide information and satisfaction to all, both tourists and residents of every corner of the globe. Art lovers, boutique shoppers, architecture addicted, whatever your passion, everything you want to know about the Marais is on Subscribe to the free PARISMARAIS Newsletter and each month you’ll receive the latest updates on what’s new in Le Marais, Paris and Beyond as well as tips for determining great bargains to be found.


3 Star Hotels in Le Marais Paris

There are thousands of hotels in Paris and close to one hundred just in the Marais district alone. Beware of hotels that include the word Marais in their name and are located outside of the Marais. Many unscrupulous hotels use key words on their web sites such as Marais in order to be selected and hence mislead their potential clients. We have even unearthed some using our own legaly registered brand name “parismarais”, so the first step is not to book anywhere before checking postal codes and addresses. The Marais is only the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris, therefore you can count on an outstanding location when the postal address is 75003 or 75004. Your second step is not to rely too much on star ratings: French classification for hotels is very strict, possibly the strictest in the world, but it does not always consider charm and style. You can easily find mediocre 3 star hotels that are rated as such because they have a certain amount of space and services. Some hotels also do not have any classification by choice, however they are often equal to a three, four, or five star hotel. Trust our selection, you won’t find better! We endorse only the most exclusive boutique hotels where you’ll find great service, a friendly welcome and beautiful antique or design décor. They are all different and have their own style. All of them are located in the middle of the city center. In the French hotel business we call them three star Plus or three star Luxe, even if these categories are not official categories.

4 Star Hotels of The Marais in Paris

Following the strict French classification for hotels, having four stars is mostly related to the size of the room being over 160 square feet with a separate toilet as well as a separate bathroom. Most 3 star hotel rooms are 140 square feet or less. Many business hotels outside the center can be classified as 4 stars but do not have the appeal of the Marais Style. Due to the small size of buildings in Paris’ historic center, there are very few 4 star hotels because the rooms are too small to get the standard classification. Some upscale 3 star places easily match the international classification for 4 stars. We chose to list such establishments with our own classification, the 4 “fleur de lys” category. They are exceptional for their decor, their service and their ambiance. When entering them you may notice 3 stars on the front door, however rest assured they would receive 4 stars if they met the strict state qualifications regarding room sizes. You will be sure to benefit from special offers and upgrades only when booking with

5 Star Hotels in Paris Le Marais

There are no 5 stars in le Marais at this time. The 5 star category creates many constraints for the hotels such as very large rooms and 24 hour restaurant service, constraints that are not possible in small historic structures. Few hotels in Paris are entitled to this category, such as the new label “Palaces”. Most are located near the Champs Elysées or Tuileries Gardens, but a few are located in central Paris and are really worth a visit. Some four star hotels located in or around Le Marais could easily obtain the 5 star category. Generally, English, Italian and German 5 star hotels are equivalent to French 4 star hotels. They are top level, have great service, plenty of space, and atmosphere, as well as their own unique style.

Budget Hotels In and around The Marais area of Paris

There are few exceptional hotels at affordable prices in le Marais, therefore we decided to include some of the simpler, but still very lovely hotels at budget prices in our web guide. The newest hotels to join the Parismarais hotels network are in the northern Marais close to the Metro stations Arts et Metiers and Temple. They are also next to St. Elisabeth’s Church and Place des Vosges. They are close to everything, very friendly and you will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort they offer for a 2-star or 3-star budget category. You can book them online with to enjoy the very best rooms they offer and also benefit of exclusive offers and special deals direct with each Hotel reception.


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