REŸS Glace Eternelles

4 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, Paris, France +33 1 57 40 60 35 Ouvert du Lundi au Dimanche de 13:00 à 23:00
Vendredi et Samedi de 13:00 à 01:00
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REŸS was born from a summer dream.
Like an evidence, transmitted by Life itself during a dream, I saw myself creating ice creams. Then came two days of reflection and questioning. The confirmation was not made wait and was given to me in another dream the following night, these ices have a name: REŸS. Without knowing either the reason or the meaning, two messages from Life were given to me in my dream, like a friendly advice that it was better not to contest.

REŸS, the word sounded brightly but its meaning was still unknown to me. Present in many languages throughout the world, the word can mean "the Kings", "the Road" or "the Light".

Two weeks later, I was in Tuscany to learn the art of Gelato from a renowned Master Ice Cream Maker.
Then came another sign. The REŸS logo had just been completed: a crown mountain, with its three peaks, to signify the three wonderful meanings of the project.