mardi 22 octobre 2019 - Evènements

Save the date for the finest moments of classical music

Save the date for the finest moments of classical music

We are delighted to introduce our readers to one of the finest moments of classical music in Le Marais. Recently founded by two major local associations Vivre le Marais and Culture & Patrimoine, the event «Moments lyriques du Marais » presents its fourth event in the beautiful baroque church Notre Dame des Blancs Manteaux on Wednesday 30th october 2019.

Here, you will discover four upcoming talents on the international Opera scene. Magali Albertini, piano player, soprano Pauline Feracci, mezzo-soprano Lorrie Garcia and tenor Kaëlig Boché, who won the ADAMI 2017 Classic Award and was elected Laureate the Master 2019 of The Paris National Conservatory. 

Together they will play for you famous arias, duos and trios from the masters of Opera through time : Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Donizetti, Rossini, Saint-Saëns, Tchaïkovski, Offenbach, Meyerbeer and Franz Lehar. Presentation and story telling in French will be done by René Andréani. You’ll be astounded by both their talent and by the location of this memorable evening. 

Book your tickets now by email Tickets are only 20 Euros which means opera is affordable for everyone.