Le Temps des Cerises

31 Rue de la Cerisaie, 75004 Paris, France Tel.: 01 42 72 08 63 Metro: Saint Paul - Sully Morland Open 7/7 fr Lunch & Dinner > Facebook > Website

Nestled in a little house reminiscent of the good old days of dance cafés and ballrooms, Le Temps des Cerises- whose origins date back to the 1830s- offers traditional French cuisine served in a friendly and authentic atmosphere. From the Morteau sausage crispy breaded mozzarella and tomato (8 euros) to the black pudding, to the “larded” Saint Jacques risotto or Thai pike with lemon "en papillote" (21 euros), you can enjoy a bistro style cuisine with a touch of Asian inspiration. Le Temps des Cerises takes you back to the best of French music and songwriters by immediately immersing you in the signature sound of the carefree "Trentes Glorieuses” while you enjoy lunch or dinner. At night, the place comes alive and becomes a popular spot to grab a drink at the bar or on the terrace.