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For more than three centuries, La Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales has been exploring far-off to discover the most extraordinary, authentic and pure plants to contribute to your well being. Immerse yourself in the elegant and sophisticated world of the great French tradition, that of the Grand Siècle. The Company puts at the service of these wonderful ingredients advanced technology, perfect match of the old and the modern. We have a gentle approach to the mind, inspired by holistic, Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions. From Tanzania to Japan via Iran, Nepal and Vietnam, it's a real invitation to travel.

Infusions, teas, concentrates of plants, Colognes and cosmetics are organized to answer 7 daily stops according to the chronobotanic rhythm: purity, intensity, brightness, fire, balm, wisdom and harmony.

Our botanist has carefully selected bio-teas and herbal teas only from certified Organic Agriculture gardens and plantations. He is present in the field, to build and sustain lasting relationships with planters and harvesters.

Our naturopaths will make you discover our infusions, teas, kombuchas, chrono sprays, Colognes and cosmetics and will advise you at best. Come and meet us at 55 rue de Bretagne in the Haut Marais, or at 187 rue de Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

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