4 Pat

4 Rue Saint-Merri, 75004 Paris, France Tel. : 01 42 77 25 45 Metro : Hôtel de Ville / Rambuteau
Parking : Hôtel de Ville
Open 7/7 for Lunch & Dinner

Who says the Parisian nights were growing dark and gloomy, certainly not the regulars at 4 Pat. This little restaurant is a delicious canteen, unpretentious, bursting with joie de vivre and delivering an efficient menu at the right price. Entries are from 6 euros and dishes are between 9 and 11.50 euros. Twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), colorful and musical evenings are organized by Julien, to the delight of his guests. The program can be followed daily on the restaurant's Facebook. Outside this schedule, nothing prevents you- on the contrary- to go there for an excellent time in a joyful atmosphere. 4 Pat has lovely selections of pasta, including their famous pasta “au jus… de Julien” as well as their brand new “La Chupa” chili con pasta 100% pure beef. Their “Well of Orgasmic Chocolate Love” also deserves a special mention. Don't canter, gallop by 2 horses to 4 Pat!