vendredi 09 octobre 2015 - blog

A walk in Paris...

« Serge Loyauté-Peduzzi is a keen photographer and has been practicing this profession for several years. He is also a lover of his city, as the "real" Parisian that he is, and he likes to get lost in the various districts of the capital during his wanderings. An atmosphere, a light, an atypical situation are all sources of inspiration and wishes to take pictures. He completed a year-round project on Paris, allowing him to see again, in the literal meaning of the words, its symbolic locations and sometimes also to reveal some unknown faces.

With his latest exhibition "A walk in Paris", currently visible at the Hotel de la Bretonnerie until October 18, he presents a certain vision of the capital, through timeless atmospheres and moments of life taken on the spot, that seem to respond each other and to form an endless conversation.

Attracted by light and instantaneous of the Parisian life, he enhances both daily life as colour schemes or graphic lines. Here are some pictures of his exhibition-sale of art photography (all photos are in limited edition, numbered and signed). Have a good wander through ! Find his pictures of Paris, and particularly of Le Marais, in Fine Art photographs or in a beautiful book ! »

A bientôt !