Rendez-Vous Parfum

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Audacious, mysterious, elegant, or comforting… Perfumes and scents are a wonderful trigger of memory and emotion. Established in the French industrial environment from the XVII° century, perfumes belong to this famous Art de Vivre à la Française.

Along this tour, you will smell several scents and exclusive fragrances, and you will hone your sense of smell to develop and inspire your own tastes. You will also learn about the fascinating history of perfumery and understand how France has acquired such a unique savoir-faire within the industry. In a word, Sophie Irles is passionate about perfume. She has worked in this wonderful industry for several years and most notably, she has been working alongside perfumers on the creation of fragrances for prestigious brands. Driven by the desire to create her own project and to share her passion, she has just launched Les Rendez-Vous Parfum : perfume events & guided tours. Sophie will take you to her favorite places, where you will have the opportunity to discover the most creative perfumes on the market. An altogether enchanting olfactory experience.

Duration : 2h Price : 40€ per person (2 persons minimum)