54 Rue de Turbigo, Paris, France 01 48 87 79 30 METRO: Arts et Métiers and Temple 7j /7j , 7:30 -1am, happy hours de 17h à 21h

In the Haut Marais—a fashionable hot spot in the Marais—is the fast growing area around the Arts et Métiers metro station, with top quality bistros and friendly places. One of our favorite spots of the moment is without a doubt the Absinthe Café; one of the few Parisian bistros to provide a selection of dishes based on the famous green liquor.

At Absinthe Café, you will also enjoy traditional French cuisine (13 to 23 euros), large salads (from 13 euros) or pleasant snaking all day long. Among our favorite choices, The Burger franc comtois and Tartare de boeuf. Absinthe Café is also the perfect spot to enjoy excellent cocktails (happy hour from 17h to 21h) and discover the magic of a selection of the best absinthes served with the traditional absinthe’s fountain plus an excellent choice of music.