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Visiting a legendary district of Paris and discovering all the main aspects of it is not easy. Le Marais makes the challenge even more difficult. Indeed, we are here not only in a legendary district of Paris but a part of the city which is historically rich and aesthetically exceptional. Here more than elsewhere, PARIS VISITES specificity, namely, cleverly mixing history, anecdotes and pleasure for the eyes is more than ever necessary to both avoid a boring visit and make the most of the diversity and the unique cultural richness places. This tour takes you into the Marais, starting at the church Saint-Gervais, ending  Place des Vosges, the most beautiful royal square in Paris. You will discover the medieval Marais with its timbered houses, but also an exceptional vestige of the Philip Augustus enclosure dated late twelfth century, without neglecting the famous Jewish Quarter and the aristocratic Marais with its sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century hotels illustrating a French art of living remaining, even today, singular.

Finally, Michel, born in Paris, knows both History and anecdotes to give spice to the tour. He is passionate and will surely transmit his passion as he does it for many years, both for individuals and companies. If it is true that we have sometimes to take risks, it shouldn’t be the case here: visiting the Marais imposes to optimize and secure time and money!

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02/04/2017 - 18h23 - BASIN
bonjour nous recherchons une visite ...promenade dans le marais 3 personnes 20 avril 10h à 12h environ Nous sommes à l'Hotel Le General... joignable par tel au 0630527982 pourriez vous nous indiquer vos disponibilités merci d'avance Gauthier Basin
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