O-Kari Hammam Spa

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To bring the age-old traditions of the Hammam (steam room) to modern life, and to transmit the precious values of this practice to other women – these are the desires that motivated Karisma Lasfar to share her culture and its history. The opening of O’Kari Hammam-spa was the fulfilment of these long-cherished aspirations.

How much time do you have ? Karima wants to know if you have enough time to spare to receive the true Hammam experience. Two hours at least! And three would be much better! That’s because the Hammam experience at O’Kari is the polar opposite of all those “express” beauty treatments offered elsewhere.

A sign of refinement and civilization in antiquity, the Hammam is an art of living, a rite dedicated to the harmony and the beauty of the body. This deserves all the time we can spare.

At the heart of the hammam is a holistic treatment of the body. This treatment must follow a careful process, which if properly carried out, gives the most exceptional results: an overwhelming sensation of relaxation coupled with a healthy bodily fatigue. It is hard to imagine it until you try….

The purification and relaxation process begins with a session in the steamy atmosphere of the Hammam to eliminate toxins and relax muscles, and continues with a “savon noir” exfoliation. The pores are opened and the skin is ready for the exfoliation. This first step is followed by a long and gentle body scrub to remove dead layers of skin. Next comes the rich lathering from a natural soap made with the best olive oil varieties that Karima has brought herself from the north of Algeria. If you wish you can continue the experience with a pink, green, grey or white clay wrap (according to your skin type) and a hair mask.  Massage or modelling, the choice is yours: the essential oils come directly from the famous Mitidja distillery in Algiers, where such famous perfumers as Chanel, Dior and Guerlain acquire components for their fragrances.