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Parismarais Newsletter
Issue 38, March 2008


Parisians love their city… almost as much as they love their politics! In Paris, we have two major parties: the social-democrat party called Parti Socialiste and the UMP, a moderate liberal conservative party. There is also a central party called Modem (mouvement democrate), plus a green party that is, in fact, very left wing (not Ralph Nader left wing, but close).

Paris has a very complex election system which is unique to the three largest cities in France – Paris, Lyon and Marseille. The French capital is divided into 20 districts, each with its own mayor and a number of counselors who vote for the mayor in their local district. They also vote for the mayor of Paris, who is in fact a “super mayor” above the 20 local mayors. Bertrand Delanoë, the current super mayor of Paris, was elected in 2001.

Le Marais is composed of districts 3 and 4, so to prepare for the election we interviewed the mayors in these areas. We also spoke with a number of their competitors who have some great ideas for ways to improve the daily lives of Parisians, as well as the quality of the tourist experience for the 26 million visitors who come to Paris every year.

Bertrand Delanoë,  Paris’ Mayor, and Pierre Aidenbaum, district 3 ‘s Mayor

You can see videos of our interviews with the mayors of districts 3 and 4, and read more about this topic in French and English on the Parismarais blog:

We think that Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë has a good chance of being re-elected. He is one of the leaders of the socialist party and is very pragmatic. Since he has been in power, the rather right wing, conservative Paris has been seduced by Delanoë’s dynamism and his initiatives designed to bring positive change to Paris, and to transform it into a more modern city, focused firmly on the future. In fact, his advertising slogan is “un avenir d’avance” or “a future in advance.”

Paris is still the capital of fashion, culture, glamour, romance and luxury, known worldwide for events such as Paris Plage, La Nuit Blanche and many other festivals. According to the Paris Tourist Office, Paris is still the number one city in the world for congresses and number of visitors. Vincent Roger, the UMP competitor to Dominique Bertinotti, socialist mayor of Paris’ district 4, told me that Notre Dame Cathedral alone welcomes 12 million visitors per year!

But Paris is also a city that cares for its residents. Thousands of social housing developments have been built, kindergarten classes have been opened for small children and Paris’ central hospital, Hotel Dieu, is being saved. The fight against poverty and discrimination, help for the homeless, and support for those who are suffering from AIDS or Alzheimer’s disease are all top priorities.

The “Velib” free bike system throughout all of Paris and the reduction of traffic were among the most visible of recent innovations. Critics have said that the latter created traffic jams in the city. But we think – and are sure you will agree – that these programs have made life much more pleasant for Parisians and for visitors to the City of Light.

Pascal Fonquernie
Editor, Parismarais

P.S. This month, spring is springing in Paris, and the prices of hotels and rentals are still as pleasant as the mild temperatures. Look for travel bargains on both trains and planes to join us for a last-minute visit. If you are already here and have European citizenship, be sure to cast your ballot on March 9 and 16 – all European citizens living in Paris have the right to vote in the local election. Thousands of Italians, English, Irish, Germans, Spanish and Portuguese living in Paris will be voting this year. It’s too bad that the programs presented by each candidate are only available in French. But then again, if you live here, you are supposed to learn the language!


Paris 3 - Mayor socialist Pierre Aidenbaum

See video interview on parismarais blog :

Paris 3 - competitor Martine Weil Raynal

Paris 4 - Mayor socialist Dominique Bertinotti

See video interview for

Paris 4 - competitor Vincent Roger

Bertrand Delanoë Paris Mayor site

Françoise de Panafieu competitor site

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Parismarais Newsletter, March 2008 issue

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