Parismarais Newsletter
Christmas Edition 2009

X-mas in the city of lights... The best therapy to keep you in good mood!

Bonjour Parismarais readers,

In December and January, Paris offers you a fantastic shopping therapy! So instead of investing in the stock market, we have a much better idea: invest in pleasure and in your own well-being, by creating good memories you’ll keep for a lifetime and that will give you happiness forever. If you don’t trust your bankers anymore, trust Parisians to keep you happy—and have the best Xmas ever!

Here’ s a serie of photos we took with Pamela Grant, our history specialist from our convertible, roof open with minus 5! Everybody though we were crazy, and we still pay for this with a bad flue, but that was unique and memorable, we just wanted to share it with you...

So save now for your trip to Paris next month to shop for spectacular bargains at the Winter Sales, starting January 5, 2010.

Happy holidays!

Pascal Fonquernie

Champs Elysées at midnight from our convertible

The big wheel, place de la concorde

Champs Elysées luxury houses

Fabulous lighting at Galeries Lafayette

Best X-mas decoration of all Marais Hotels at The Marais House

Still some rooms available now at The Marais House:

Welcoming you with Champagne and Foie Gras at Hotel Ecole Centrale
and Hotel Molay from December 29


To prepare for your trip to Paris, you can download the exclusive Parismarais map of le Marais for free! Be sure to print out both sides A and B of the map by clicking on the following links:

You can also visit the following page where you will find more maps of Paris and le Marais as well as selected places to visit—photos and addresses will “pop up” as soon as you click on the colored dots. Fabulous, n'est-ce pas?

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Parismarais Newsletter, Christmas Edition 2009

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